About us


After a long experience applying ergonomics in the private sector and the implementation of accessibility in the public sector, such as the preparation of Barcelona to host the 1992 Olympic and Paralympic Games, ProAsolutions was founded in 2000 in Barcelona by Francesc Aragall, together with a large team of professionals from different disciplines.

In 2007 we founded ProAsolutions.pt in Oporto to integrate into the team excellent professionals in the field of architecture, Geographic Information Systems and citizen participation models.

Mission and experience

Our main mission is to ensure that all potential users of the projects in which we participate enjoy environments, products and services created to be socially, economically, and environmentally sustainable.

The experience and multidisciplinary nature of the team allow us to achieve important research and development results by creating innovative methods based on the knowledge of the needs of all users:

  • Analysis of requirements prior to the implementation of new services
  • Increase satisfaction after the release of services and products in pilot phase
  • Enhancing citizen participation, so that products and services really meet their expectations without exception.

We have also actively participated in research projects funded by the European Union in areas such as mobility, tourism, logistics, user participation in design processes or demographic aging.

And our knowledge of the sector has earned us the trust of different governments and international organizations to develop standards and legislative texts.

Currently the company is also betting on specializing in the fields of environmental, social, and economic sustainability from an integrative perspective.


Social responsibility

Starting from our European culture in the conception of projects, we are deeply rooted in the cultural context in which we develop them. We actively participate in all those entities that promote the development of knowledge and the application of Design for All, such as EIDD, Design for All Europe, European Concept for Accessibility, Design for All Foundation, Design for All International, International Association for Universal Design and Spanish Association of Professionals of Universal Accessibility.